Desipline Committee

1. Discipline committee is our final decision taking committee against any complaint and their decisions will be final decision .

2. Members must be accept & respect of our club discipline committee decision .

3. It is mandatory to all the member of our club to the attend meeting & our club annual show & other club shows.

4. Only club related complain accept by our committee .

5. Any club member lodge any club related complain against any other club member ( Except , President , Chief Advisor and VICe President& Chief Patroan ) for misbehaving,  smoking, toxation, physical harassment of our club annual show , club meeting & other shows.

6. 1st complain letter must be written to the club committee ( Addressed to the JT Secretary) with self signature & self membership no.     

7. The application two witness must be signed  & written membership no ( Only Other two club members signature as a witness)

8. Within the Month of date of receiving Complain committee letters to the member ( who lodge complain ) in written.

9. If our club committee not reply to the member ( who lodge complain ) within the one month then member  (who lodge complain ) directly lodge complain before the discipline committee. Application must be addressed to the chief of discipline committee, with self signature & self membership no, and two letters must be signature & signed write self  membership no in complain letter.

10. Member (who lodge complain) must attached photo copy of previous complain letter with above mentioned complain letter.

11. If complainer are not satisfied to the decisions of our club committee then the complainer directly apply  to the discipline committee for better judgement.

12. If any member lodge any complain to any discipline committee member  against above mention issue before our club committee & discipline committee in that case complain letter sent to our president & Chief Advisor officer , then they will take decision above mention  complain & there decision will be will be final decision.

13. After the final decision of our club discipline committee ,complainer must accept & respect our despising committee desiccation and no other way to open to lodge complain by complainer for b better  judgement . Because discipline committee dissection will be final dissection.