We have specialised in manufacturing doors for the education sector for many years and we understand the challenges. Work needs to be carried out safely with the minimum of disruption with guaranteed safety and security meaning soundproofing and fire resistant doors are an essential requirement for schools, colleges and universities.

Much refurbishment work has to be carried out in the holiday period and this requires careful planning so July and August are very busy periods every year. For the unexpected challenges, when you need fast service, you can call upon our unique Express Delivery Service.

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College and School Door Solutions

College, university and school doors have certain traits that makes them effective solutions in the education industry.

Looking after the welfare of students is paramount and fingers are trapped at an alarming rate every day. The Safehinge solution, with an integral finger guard fitting snugly into the door frame, gives peace of mind to teachers and parents alike, and the fact that it looks good is an added bonus. Outlasting plastic door guards that need frequent replacement makes Safehinge a very cost-effective option. Small children, when using school doors are less mindful of watching their fingers and we strongly advise safehinge.

Music rooms disrupt the rest of the school and an acoustic door can reduce this dramatically. Talk to us about the most suitable configuration for your needs because acoustic ratings are average scores across the spectrum of frequencies. There are circumstances where a door with a lower overall score will block a particular frequency better than a higher rated door so we need to consider the cause before we advise the best solution.

Additionally, classrooms require a degree of soundproofing to reduce disturbances from other rooms and areas. Keeping a classroom engaged is challenging enough, and soundproof doors are a must for reducing additional distractions from the rest of the school.

Safety is a key aspect of an educational institution, and therefore schools, colleges and universities all need fire resistant doors. These come in a range of ratings, from 30 minute to 240 minute fire resistance.

Special needs schools will need to conform to Part M regulations such as by putting a white fire strip on the leading edge of all doors even if they are not fire rated so that it is more visible to those who are sight impaired.

Here at Enfield, be it a college or school door, we provide soundproof fire doors with safehinge options available for an all in one door package and you can call us on 020 3199 5878 or you can email your enquiry via the quick enquiry form.

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Our core values are to deliver exceptional and consistent quality both in product delivered and service, through providing both Express (1–3 weeks) and Standard delivery schedules (4–6 weeks). Our philosophy is always to meet and exceed customer’s needs.

We are flexible enough to handle any size of order-from a single laminated door to a new hospital full of fire resistant doors that comply to British Standards.

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    What Our Customers Say

    I’ve worked with Enfield Speciality Doors on a number of projects. The team is always really responsive when I call for advice at the specification stage. We have to think about so many things when we specify fire and acoustic doors, from drop seals to floor sealant and other safety measures. So, when you find a company that’s easy to get hold of, with samples and good technical support, it makes a huge difference. It makes it easy to go back to them next time. And it’s nice to work with nice people! Christine Skaar from KVIST Architect and Interior Design
    Enfield can deliver - the product is good, the quality reliable as well as the service. There will always be someone cheaper but that’s not always a good thing. With Enfield we could trust that the product would be delivered when we need it and that’s worth more to us. We’re really happy with how the project turned out, with relationships established and maintained’ Dan Murphy, Trabur Testimonial – Qube project
    The level of service is good. We have a good working relationship that has developed over the last few years’ Dale Miller, Morgan Sindall
    We use Enfield Speciality Doors a lot – it’s the service. There is a lot of trust both ways. You guys will commit to a date and do your utmost to deliver. There are lots of things I like about Enfield. Other door manufacturers; I know them, but I don’t have that rapport. When you’re dealing with doors it’s very detailed. With you guys, it’s a much more personalised approach. Enfield will know the deadline and you get the right info from us in time, so we hit our programme. Darren Lemaire - Buyer, Conamar Building Services Ltd.
    I have always found Enfield Speciality Doors to be courteous, professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of door design. Neilcott Construction Ltd
    "May Gurney have had a strong working relationship with Enfield for the past 5 years and on the back of many successful contracts we have now selected Enfield as our preferred supply chain partner for the supply of all internal Doorsets and Screens. We find that Enfield provide the best value for May Gurney in terms of commercial competitiveness, service levels and quality of product. Enfield have consistently given us good service and on many occasions have gone out of their way to help us out of some tight situation by improving delivery dates. May Gurney are happy to put Enfield forward to any of our Designers and Clients due their friendly and knowledgeable approach" May Gurney Limited
    “We had an urgent order for 20 Fire doors that was going to place a contract in jeopardy. We called Enfield having found them on the internet and they delivered to our specification within 5 days whilst we were quoted six weeks by our normal large supplier! We thoroughly recommend Enfield and have used them again for both Express and Standard orders” Crownhall Developments
    "I am pleased to report back that the school are pleased with the doorset that was changed last week during the school half-term. The delivery was made on the date agreed and at the time requested by the school during half-term. The installation went smoothly and was finished to a high standard as the school has high standards of workmanship.  Thank you for your time in ensuring that the process went well and we look forward to working with yourself in the future." Tasker Construction