Environmental Responsibility

We recognise our responsibility to the environment

Environmental Policy & Chain of Custody

Enfield Speciality Doors recognises a responsibility to its customers, suppliers and staff to base its commercial activities on well managed forest resources. Accordingly Enfield Speciality Doors is also committed to achieving environmental best practice throughout its activity whenever this is practical. ln pursuit of economic growth and a healthy environment it is understood that these are closely linked and that ecological protection and sustainable development are the responsibility of all, including business, governments and communities. Speciality Doors are FSC® certified.


Enfield Speciality Doors takes responsibility for the development and endorsement of this policy statement and its implementation throughout all group operations. A director has been appointed to carry out the policy, to ensure that key members of staff are trained and that all employees are advised of our position. Enfield Speciality Doors maintains a policy of continuous environmental improvement. Environmental performance is monitored for achievement of our objectives and an annual report will be made available on request.

Timber Sources

Enfield Speciality Doors is committed to buying all hardwood and softwood from legal and renewable sources, and will seek evidence that suppliers are in compliance with this policy. As sources of certified timber become more available Enfield Speciality Doors will give preference to certified timber wherever practical, this and other timbers from well managed forest resources, and other controlled sources.

Enfield Speciality Doors will not purchase timber where it is known to have originated from illegal sources and will not purchase any timber species prohibited under Appendix 1 of the convention on international Trading on Endangered Species (CITES). Enfield Speciality Doors will make every attempt to avoid making misleading claims with regard to timber sources. Enfield Speciality Doors expects suppliers to maintain high environmental standards in respect of goods and services. Suppliers are expected to cooperate with Enfield Speciality Doors towards the achievement of its environmental goals.

Recycling and Site Management

Enfield Speciality Doors is committed to reduce consumption of all materials and packaging wherever possible and is committed to recycling packaging materials where practicable. Heating for the factory is all supplied from recycled wood and sawdust. Buildings and plant are designed where possible to reduce impact on the local environment and potential emissions are kept to a minimum.


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We are flexible enough to handle any size of order-from a single laminated door to a new hospital full of fire resistant doors that comply to British Standards.