Wood Veneers

Our in-house veneer shop ensures that the veneers used throughout your project are consistently matched and of the highest quality. There will be variations due to the fact that wood is a natural product but without attention to detail doors can look dramatically different.

The veneers for each job are selected, matched and assembled by experienced craftsmen from our large stock of veneers in a very broad range of timber species.

There are a variety of ways of cutting veneers as well as further ways of applying them.

You can call us on: 020 3199 5849 or you can email your enquiry via the quick enquiry form.

Real Wood Veneers

Our veneer craftsmen work with a very broad range of species.  We can only show you a sample of common species here so please call with your requirements.

You can call us on 020 3199 5849 or you can email us through our quick enquiry form.