Ask for your laminate doors with 99.9% protection against bacteria

Everyone is more aware now of how diseases spread, and the need for greater hygiene and protection against infection. Building owners and managers need to offer users the assurance that they are not contributing to the problem. Surfaces in public spaces that everyone touches, such as doors, are a particular concern.

Door areas are high traffic areas in public spaces, which is where bacteria can multiply, rapidly – doubling within 20 mins at room temperature.

At Enfield Speciality Doors, we can help you protect the people who will use these spaces.

We are working with trusted suppliers such as Polyrey, to deliver doors with antibacterial protection. They’re ideal for refurbishment, fit-out and new build projects and specified in the healthcare, education, public amenities, commercial and accommodation sectors.

Polyrey’s High Pressure Laminates (HPL) feature built-in Sanitized® antibacterial protection as standard. Within 24 hours it eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.


How does it work?

Sanitized® treated doors contain silver ions which are encapsulated in glass beads. The presence of moisture activates the silver ions which then neutralises the bacteria on the surface, prevents cellular division and thereby limits the growth of bacteria.

The non-porous laminate surface is easy to clean and also has the added benefit of preventing the build-up of mould and mildew. The Polyrey HPL material is also resistant to chemical products, artificial light, scratches, abrasion, moisture and impact, so it is well suited to high traffic areas.

With a choice of 100 Polyrey decors and 5 finishes, you don’t need to compromise on aesthetics.

The anti-bacterial performance lasts the lifetime of the HPL.

We have a range of Laminates available

For a tough, easy clean surface there is a huge range of laminates available. Choose from our stock range or we can source any laminate of your choice including Plain, Pattern or Wood Grain.

  • Excellent impact and scratch resistance
  • Suitable for high traffic, food and hygiene installations
  • Impervious to chemical cleaning products
  • Exact match ensures continuity of shade and finish
  • Generally doors are lipped with an appropriate hardwood
  • Laminates are subject to availability and cost

Need your doors quickly? Ask about our laminate stock colours.

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