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What are The Benefits Of Bespoke Doorsets?

Every construction project will need to consider the doors to be used for the building – and there are many advantages to utilising complete pre-hung doorsets for your project. Apart from their primary function of providing access to and from different rooms and areas of a building, the doors can also be a vital part of the health and safety, and security of the building. Most professional developers already take advantage of the convenience and cost-effectiveness of complete commercial doorsets – easy and quick to fit, these doorsets also offer a significant saving on labour costs when fitting out the building. Here are some of the benefits of fitting pre-hung commercial doorsets to consider:

Internal Doorsets 

A doorset consists of not just the door itself, but all the other components that comprise the completed door in situation. These bespoke doorsets are constructed as ‘ready-to-use’, complete doorsets and can be installed as a single set comprising of the frame, the architraves and often the door furniture – the door leaf, hinges, and latches. The door is pre-hung within the frame and the whole unit comes ready to be installed in its appropriate environment.

Easy installation 

As the doorsets are delivered as a single, complete unit they are ready to be installed straight away in their allotted space. A complete door set can be installed in just minutes! These doorsets require less skilled labour for installation than if hanging individual doors on site which saves both time and money, as there is no jostling for placement and attachment of the door to the frame along with any associated painting after fitting – and that time saving is reflected in reduced labour costs.


One of the biggest advantages of using pre-hung doorsets is that any adjustments once onsite are minimal – all the tolerance and clearance gaps are already catered for and pre-set. Similarly, the risk of potential damage is greatly reduced as the door assemblies can be installed after the rest of the construction has been completed.

Cost Effective 

Pre-hung doorsets can represent quite significant savings in both the cost of the door itself and the previously mentioned reduced labour required. These bespoke doorsets also reduce the occurrence of waste and stock loss on site – another potential saving!


An established and reputable door manufacturer and supplier will offer you a range of different styles and types of commercial doorsets with varied materials, appearances, and finishes. Pre-hung doorsets can be purchased as single or double doors or be ordered as bespoke doors, so you can get the perfect doorset to complement the rooms you are constructing or converting.


If you are undertaking a building project you will want the best materials and a certain quality in your finished article – when purchasing commercial doorsets from a reputable supplier, you will get a professional, quality-controlled end-product. You can order as many units as you need, providing consistency in appearance and performance from your pre-hung doorsets throughout your building project. The precision manufacturing provided in factory conditions with certified ISO 9001 quality procedures will guarantee a remarkable degree of accuracy and, importantly, ensure all mandatory building and safety regulations are being met.

Fire Doors 

Some, if not all, of the doorsets you require for your building project are likely to be fire doors. Strict building regulations exist for the health and safety aspect of any new-build or conversion, and in many instances the installation of both external and internal fire doors is mandatory and a legal requirement. Sourcing your commercial doorsets from an established manufacturer will guarantee that the internal fire doors you are fitting are engineered and constructed to be fully compliant with these statutory fire regulations and will be supplied with the relevant intumescent strips for the containment of heat, flame, and smoke in the event of a fire outbreak.

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