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How To Choose The Right Fire Doors Supplier

When it comes to building fire safety, it is important to ensure that you choose the most effective and relevant fire doors for that environment and development. Those responsible for the procurement of the fire doors should make an informed decision regarding their chosen supplier using an evidence-based approach. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing your bespoke fire door supplier:


Look for a fire door supplier with an established reputation and track record of customer satisfaction. Check the internet for any recent reviews of the work delivered by the company you are considering.  Often you can find local business forums that may contain references and check on the door supplier’s own corporate website for posted recommendations and referrals.

Bespoke Doors 

Look for a door manufacturer that provides a wide range of door products. Depending upon the environment in which your doors are to be installed, there may be a need for specialist doors, including fire doors of different standards and levels – you may require high security wooden doors, or doors with enhanced acoustic and/or noise control qualities. An established bespoke door supplier will be able to provide you with examples and details of a whole range of doors and the materials used in their construction – this includes the door core materials and the different available finishes, along with the relevant safety and security features of all aspects of the door including the door furniture.

Quality Assurance And testing 

Check what quality assurance processes your fire door supplier employs in the production process of their doorsets. A supplier’s commitment to quality management can be assessed through their certification schemes for their products. All fire doors should be designed, manufactured, and tested to the stringent safety standards set by the relevant governing bodies for the industry – independent third-party testing should be performed and duly certified through an approved UKAS test house to ensure complete compliance to the latest industry standards. All fire doors should carry – and display – evidence of this safety certification to confirm they are fit-for-purpose and to demonstrate the supplier’s commitment to consistent maintenance and improvement in the all-important safety standards.

Installation Services 

It is important to establish what services your door supplier provides – confirm whether they provide expert installation and maintenance, along with the design and manufacture of your doors, and establish whether they provide complete doorsets and install them as single units on site with all the relevant and necessary security testing and warranty certificates.

Security Levels 

Fire rated doors are available with different levels of protection – an Fd30 fire door will provide containment of the fire outbreak and protection from all the harmful aspects of fire, such as heat, flame, and smoke for a minimum of 30 minutes – a Fd60 fire door provides the same level of protection for a minimum of 60 minutes, an Fd90 fire door for 90 minutes etc. If property security is a main consideration, then ensure the door supplier can provide you with the relevant type of security doors both internally and externally – you can purchase high security wooden doors as well as security doors constructed from other materials such as aluminium and steel, all with an assortment of different style locking systems and other security features.  


Cost is always an important consideration – and buying the cheapest is not always the best option. You need to choose a door supplier that delivers an affordable product, as well as one that provides all the important aspects and safety and security features for your property.


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