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Why acoustic doors are an investment for your home

Whether it’s noisy kids, their noisy friends or your barking pets that are making your peaceful home more of a free-for-all and less of a haven, perhaps it’s time to seriously think of acoustic doors as the solution. Standard doors offer little to reduce household noise from entering or exiting a room. With more and more people choosing to work from home, even occasionally, the benefits of acoustic doors have never been more apparent, or more advantageous. 

What are acoustic doors? 

With a number of special in-built soundproofing elements, our Acoustic Doors offer a level of sound insulation ranging between 31 decibels (dB) and 54dB. That’s considerably higher soundproofing than a standard door. With added special cores, frames, seals, hinges or even fire strips, Enfield Speciality Doors can design range of acoustic fire doors to suit your circumstances, which is why we are the first choice for custom fire doors and soundproof doors. 

Acoustic doors are best associated with music studios, cinemas or theatres, but are increasingly more common-place in private homes and domestic situations. Acoustic doors are an attractive solution, particularly for people who: 

  • work from home 
  • live in house – or flat shares 
  • adjoin other houses 
  • play music or live with people who play instruments 
  • want to separate living spaces from quiet bedrooms 

Acoustic Doors are valuable assets in your home 

Potential homebuyers will welcome the additional soundproofing offered by acoustic doors, and when combined with fire safety features, the thought of moving into a secure and serene home will be hugely appealing to anyone looking to buy. This consideration makes acoustic doors an affordable home improvement that will set your home apart from the rest, especially for buyers looking for a quiet home office. 

We offer a number of soundproof doors, from those that will muffle an adjacent conversation, to doors that make very loud shouting almost inaudible. And if you think that soundproof doors will be basic or ugly, think again. We have been perfecting our bespoke doors for our customers for decades. Choose from a list of options depending on your soundproofing needs and personal taste, and we’ll do the rest. 

Just what you want but never thought you needed 

Are you spending more time than ever at home these days? If it’s a quiet space you need for work or pleasure, it’s time you decided on making your home the haven you have always wanted. It’s an investment in you, in your peace of mind, and one that you will pass on to the next appreciative occupants.   

Our range of sound insulating doors includes both soundproof external doors and sound proof internal doors, for noise control in commercial buildings and many other locations. If you need a door that provides excellent sound insulation, Enfield Doors would be happy to provide you with advice and a free quotation. 

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