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Why Fire Safety Is Essential In Nightclubs

All public buildings should have established emergency evacuation plans in the event of a fire outbreak or any other potentially fatal events – this is especially important though in buildings such as nightclubs and bars/pubs. These facilities are usually dark and noisy and will be crowded with people potentially consuming alcohol – in the event of a fire emergency, everybody in the building MUST be able to quickly locate information and identify the exit signs and points to evacuate the building as quickly and safely as possible.

Common Causes of Fire Outbreak in Licensed Premises:

Recent figures show that around 50% of fire outbreaks in pubs, and 40% in restaurants, were started in the kitchen area and were caused by staff cooking or through faulty electrical equipment. Though a much lesser risk these days, smoking is still a major cause of fire outbreak.

Recommended Fire Safety Tips:

  • An emergency plan should be devised and implemented with the full knowledge of all staff, clearly indicating the procedure to follow in the event of a fire outbreak.
  • All staff must be properly trained in the emergency evacuation plan.
  • All staff must undergo regular practice FIRE DRILLS. Staff turnover in these businesses can be quite high, so regular practice fire drills should be carried out to ensure that ALL staff are aware of their responsibilities and procedures in these matters.
  • All emergency exits should be clearly marked and strongly illuminated.
  • There should be emergency exits accessible at different vantage points around the nightclub and/or bar, including both the front and back of the building.
  • Nightclubs and bars should have main entrance doorways that are wide, and which open outwardly.
  • All exit doors should be kept clear at all times, and NEVER be chained shut.
  • All access corridors and aisles should be kept free of any clutter or furniture, and must always offer a clear passage to the exits.
  • The Emergency Plan should take into consideration other possible building occupants and businesses and should also thoroughly cater for people with disabilities or restricted movement.
  • Ensure all electrical items and equipment is regularly tested and approved.
  • Fire alarm systems, along with smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and other relevant fire fighting equipment, MUST be installed and staff appropriately trained in their use.
  • Buildings should have the appropriate fire doorsets installed. These commercial fire doors should be from an established and licensed fire door manufacturer and supplier, and should be fitted by a professional, ensuring that all the relevant intumescent strips (to stop the spread of heat, flame, and smoke) and appropriate hinges and door furniture are in place.

Leaving aside the moral aspects of providing the best possible fire safety arrangements, it is worth noting that to NOT DO SO is a criminal offence! ALL these commercial businesses MUST HAVE BY LAW a completed Fire Risk Assessment and established Emergency Plan. Failure to provide these can lead to business and building owners going to prison and facing unlimited fines! If the appropriate people do not take these safety responsibilities seriously, they are risking both property and, more worryingly, people’s lives.

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